Cappadocia has an extraordinary geography and thousands of years of culture. Cappadocia was formed by wind and rain eroding the layer of lava and ashes which were eroded by Erciyes, Hasan Mountain and Güllü Mountains. Thus, the fairy chimneys, which are completely shaped by nature itself, produce a perfect image.

By all means, some of these unique beauties are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. People from all over the world come to the region to witness the history of Cappadocia.

By the way you come to Cappadocia, you can see the countless historical and beautiful beings waiting to be discovered instead of just visiting the most popular places. We have prepared a List of Places to Visit in Cappadocia, thus you can properly walk around and spend 4 days. All you have to do is have the tempo to walk among the unique valleys. :) If you say “I can not do this.”, you can also join the tours on the horse. :) But this time you may be deprived of seeing the hidden churches.

Kızılçukur Vadisi
Kızılçukur Vadisi

Cappadocia region is a large geography that extending to Kırşehir, Niğde and Kayseri. In addition, most of Cappadocia and places to visit are located within the borders of Nevsehir. Underground cities and Ihlara Valley are located outside Nevsehir. As you can see on the map below Cappadocia location occures from the Avanos, Cavusin, Uchisar, Goreme, Urgup and Ortahisar regions.

Now, in turn, let’s share all of the region-based attractions, then take a look at places to eat.

1- Avanos

Kızılırmak River flows through this charming town that at a 18 km distance from Nevşehir. If you want, you can pass through the Stone Bridge and you can enjoy tea and books with your thermos next to Kızılırmak. Avanos has a known history until the BC 2000. Its story goes back to the Hittites. In ancient times, the region was named as Venessa, Zuwinasa and Quenasa in various ways. This location became so famous with its pot and soil that they started to import mud to abroad. This is really proud, isn’t it? Anywhere you turn your head in Avanos, you will see a potter in any case.

The pot of Avanos is famous. In almost every shop in the potter bazaar, you can as well try to shape the mud. We can already say it’s not as simple as it seems. :) The most famous workshops are Chez Galip and Güray Museum. I think you should visit them both. You will see different abilities there. If you want, you can also buy the works made in these workshops. Chez Galip also offers discounts to visitors who do not come by tour.

By the way you come to Avanos, our recommendation is that you should also visit to Museum of Hair that located at the bazaar of potters. This museum is now already in the list of the most interesting museums of the world. This places is at the second floor of Chez Galip’s shop. You can walk around the hair museum with an entrance fee of 3 TL. The museum contains a bunch of hair of thousands of women and has personal information about owners of hairs. In order to prevent this information sharing, photography is forbidden.

If you want to listen the story of this museum and want to read a more detailed Avanos article, you can read our “Places to Visit at Avanos” themed article.

Then Devrent Valley…When you come to the valley, you will see that the fairy chimneys actually describe somethings. Already it also called as the Valley of Dreams. Fairy chimneys that look like interesting dolphins and camels are waiting for your visit here depending on your imagination.

There are no settlements in this valley. Therefore, there is no house-shaped fairy chimney. The camel-shaped fairy chimney is protected, however you can take pictures of it from a distance.

Devrent Vadisi
Devrent Vadisi

And then, you should definitely visit the Zelve Outdoor Museum that located at a distance of 5-6 km to Avanos. You can do entrance here by using the museum card. If you have not museum card, by paying 15 TL you can do entrance.

There is a proper walking way in the Zelve Outdoor Museum. Of course, it is a hard place and have ups and downs here, thus this tour will make you force. If you save a 3 hours for this tour, you can walk around the valley easily. In the valley, you will see the Uzumlu and Balikli Churches, mill, living areas, Direkli Church, tunnel, monastery and holly cross churces. There is a map at the entrance of the valley. You can also benefit from this.

Zelve Açıkhava Müzesi
Zelve Açıkhava Müzesi


When you say “Pasabag” firs thing that comes to mind is capped fairy chimneys. Once upon a time, monks live in seclusion here, that’s why its name is “Monks Valley”.


Coming to valley is so easy, there is a free car parking in front of it. By the way, the enrance to valley is free. And also, where you see tur bus at the Cappadocia, stop a time and take a look at around you. Definitely there is a unique beauty there. :)

2- Cavusin

Cavusin is depend on the Avanos on the paper however it is only at a 2 km distance to the Goreme.

Cavusin is a very old living are that its history goes back to 5.century. It is known that Cavusin’s the oldest buildings are The Church of John the Baptist and Cavusin Church.

At the same time, the borders of the Kizilcukur and Gulludere valleys that preferred to watch the sunset starts from this village. You can see this village as it is builded under a big rock. There are house lie from the hillside and once upon a time, it is known that christian monks live here.

The year of built was not known definitely. In addition, a mosque that called as Old Mosque (Eski Cami) is located at the just entrance of the village.


In order to walk around the Cavusin village, 2 hours will be enough. Cavusin Church was on repairing at April 2019. If it is not opened until you go there, unfortunately you are only able to take photo outside of it.

3- Urgup

Doubtlessly, the most famous location of the Cappadocia is Urgup. Both the popularity that was brought by the Asmalı Konak tv series and the beauty of the mansion and its living areas, it is a now a well known beaten track.

Asmalı Konak
Asmalı Konak

In order to be a witness to the Urgup’s amazing architecture, you can walk at the streets of it. You can stop over one of the stone hotels or you can prefer the Urgup also for the night entertainment.

If you want to discover the Urgup completely, our recommendation for this process to you is saving 1 full day. If you want to start from the hardest point, you should drive road to Gomeda Valley.

Gomeda Vadisi
Gomeda Vadisi

This place not popular yet like the other valleys. Unfortunately the history was not saved from the humans. When you do entrance to the valleys, the first church that you will see was wrecked. However the valley is still so nice, you can make a long walking here.

And then, by visiting the Mustafapasa Town, you can take a different track road to Asmalı Konak, Tursan Vinification, Uc Guzeller, Ortahisar Castle and Temenni Hill.

If you want to get more information about whole places to walk, you can read our “Places to Visit at Urgup” themed article.

4- Goreme

Love Valley, Lovers Hill, Gulludere Valley and Goreme Outdoor Museum are absolute must withing the places to visit. All of them are near each other as location and you will need 2 full days to visit these places. However, if you say : “if I can take a shooting from up it is enough and I do not want to do entry to valley” you may finish this process within 1 day.

Do not try to do entrance into valleys with your private car. If you have not 4×4, you may sweat too much or if it is rained to this place, you may stay in mud :)

Except the Goreme Outdoor Museum, all of valley entrances are free. For those who do not like to do walking, there are safair tours with off-road cars or ATV vehicles. A 2 hour ATV tour fee was 200 TL for us as 2 people in one vehicle.

Aşıklar Tepesi Göreme
Aşıklar Tepesi Göreme

If you want to do balloon tour, we can say that you will lift off from one of these valleys. They bring the people who join to balloon tours to the inside the valleys with 4×4 vehicles. You will no problem about transportation.

For those who wonder the Goreme, we are leaving here the link of our other article. You can now read our “Places to Visit at Goreme” themed article.

5- Uchisar

I am sure that you have seen before the Uchisar’s pictures. It is the most known place in Cappadocia with its balloon tours and can be seen on the photographs. The ballons lift off in front of the hotels at Uchisar. You can feel like you will touch them. However, you should not forget that these hotels are really expensive when compared to the other hotels at this location. If you do not want to do anything outside night and if you say “hotel is enough for me” Uchisar may be available for you. However you should not forget that, there are more options in Goreme and Urgup when you think the night entertainments and shopping possibilities.

Places to visit in Uchisar are firstly Uchisar Castle and at the just under of it Cevizli and Guvercinlik Valleys are located. You will see that this region is pretty touristic.

Uchisar Castle

The biggest and the most beautiful fair chimney that can be seen from the every point of the Cappadocia is Uchisar Castle. You can do entrance with your museum card to this castle that located at the exactly 1350 meters up. Unfortunately, walking around the inside of the castle is not possible every single time. However, you can do a walking around it and enjoy the view, there are some areas to do this. For our fortune, the weather was pretty cold and windy, that’s why visiting was closed. We could only walk around the castle and could enter in only little bit.

Uçhisar Kalesi
Uçhisar Kalesi

However, again we saw some dirty places that show us we could not protect our history.


This area that located at the just under the Uchisar Castle is called also as Steam of Fairy Chimneys. If you want you can make a walking around here. There is no need to pay for entrance fee here. This place is always crowded in the day because of its near location to the castle. You will see gift seller shops inside it. Whole touristic places full of gift stores like this style.

Guvercinlik Valley

This valley that located between the Uchisar and Goreme called as Guvercinlik (Pigeon House) because of the pigeons in this area. Rumour has it that pigeon farming, which starts at the 9.century, at the same time, is discovered and increased because of the grape cultivation process in the location due to helpful manure effect on the grapes. You will see lots of carved nest on the rocks.

We recommend for those who want to do walking in this 4 km distanced valley, to get some water and available clothes for walking. A middle level tough walking track awaits you :)

Kocabag Vinification

While you are going the Uchisar or Guvercinlik Valley, you will see signboards by the wayside. This place, when you look from outside, it may look like factory or storehouse but when you enter in, you will see some cedars and stove that there are wine tasting.

Mr. Memdur who works in here is very relevant and expert on his field. He will give the truest and the best information about the Kocabag wines. Taste and do your comments, he is the truest person who can direct you. Wine prices start from 50 TL and if you purchase sixfold amount, they can send you these with free shipping and there is also a guarantee in case of the brake possibilities. When you bought under 6 bottles, unfortunately they cannot send you these with shipping.

Kocabağ Şarapçılık
Kocabağ Şarapçılık

When you ask even the least questions, they will answer you faithfully. That shows us that they trust their products forever and care about the customer satisfaction.

6- Derinkuyu Underground City

You can do entrance to the Derinkuyu Underground City that located at a 35 km distance from the Goreme by paying 30 TL ticket fee or using museum card.

This place was founded in 1963 by accident and opened to visiting just 4 years later. This underground city gets its name from the drinking water wells that founded in a 70 meter depth. It is known that this underground city is located over a 4 km area but only the 2.5 km area, so its 8 floors, is open for visiting. These 8 floors has a 50 meter depth. If the whole floors can be cleaned, it is estimated that this depth will reach to 80 meters. You should think a little place on your imagination. Here is definitely unbelievable place that 50.000 people can live here without going outside never.

Derinkuyu Yeraltı Şehri
Derinkuyu Yeraltı Şehri

Before entering the Derinkuyu Underground City, we want to do a couple warning for you. When you enter the underground city first, you will see a wide area. After this area, your journey will start road to tight tunnels and in some places you will have to crawl here. If you have claustrophobia or have heart disease, this journey cannot be good for you.

7- Ihlara Valley

This amazing canyon is located in the borders of Guzelyurt district of the Aksaray province. The Ihlara Valley that located at a 35 km distance to the Aksaray city center is also has a 85 km distance from the Goreme. You can go there withing approximately 1,5 hours with your private car easily.

It has also an important place over the world in terms of awareness. This place is known as the biggest canyon that in past people were living here. It has a 18 km length, 150 meter depth and 200 meter width. In order to go down to the depth of the valley, you should do 397 step down, it is little bit tiring. :)

Ihlara Vadisi
Ihlara Vadisi

If you ask how was Ihlara Valley occured, Melendiz Stream that runs with a gurgling sound and shapes the Ihlara Valley is the root cause of this thousands of old erosion. Of course, there are volcanic formations that breaks down and then Melendiz Stream flows over it.

There are 2 ways for following to the Ihlara Valley when you go down from the stairs. If you go down and turn left and go ahead, at an approximately 2 km distance in the tea garden that located near the river you can sit and eat some pancake. When you go ahead from this tea garden, you will be started to walk road to Belisırma way.

In the Ihlara Valley as well, like the other valleys, there is a huge historical past. The churces with fresco that carved into the rocks are located in the valley just like in Cappadocia. Dark Castle, Egritas, Agacalti, Purenli Seki, Kokar Churces are the churces that you can see in the valley. At the endest point of valley, there are Direkli and Bahattin Samanligi Churches.

Our recommendation for this valley, you should at least save a 4 hour to walk around this natural wonder. When you think the distance of the way, The Ihlara Valley is big as much as it will take your 1 day and very rich. Due to tiredness, we could not have full your at Ihlara Valley but we went to Belisırma with our car and we had possibility to see those places.

What to Eat in Cappadocia? Where to Eat in Cappadocia?

Travel is not enough everytime, now let’s have a jubilation for our stomaches. Then, by the way we came to Cappadocia, let’s eat kebab en cocotte, taste the pumpkin with syrup and walnuts, drink the wines, right?

This location have many reastaurants that appeal to native and foreigner tourists, you never stay hungry. However if you want to eat in a good place, our recommendation for you to do reservation for this. Because the restaurants are not so big, especially they are full in weekends.

Due to we stay in the Goreme location, our restaurant preferences were for this area. The average price of the jug kebab and sheet pan are about 40 TL. Under this price there is not any other option but over the price you can see some different options.

We used our option for the first night in One Way. It is located in the center of the Goreme. In night, the music starts at 22 pm. This place is pretty popular in the Goreme location however the quality of meal will not make you satisfied and you will not think to go there again for meals. However you can still go there for having a good time.

For the second dinner, our preference was the Haruna Restaurant that take place at the roof top of hotel. It will be good for you to do reservation for this place. If you are looking for a romantic dinner, this restaurant may be a good option for you. By the way, we revealed our alienship to people with our trekking clothes.

In the third night, our preference was the Turkish Ravioli Restaurant. I again recommend you to do reservation. We said fortunately we came here. Both as taste and hospitality was good, we have satisfied. Staff were so warm and smiling. Tomorrow again we would go to Goreme, we would again prefer this restaurant and eat there. By the way you come here, we recommend that you should definitely eat kebab en cocotte (April 2019 price was 65 TL), sheet pan (April 2019 price was 50 TL) and pumpkin with syrup and walnuts (April 2019 price was 20 TL)

For lunch, we have preferred the Sedef Restaurant that located just at the center of the Goreme. The side appetizers as well with meal were really delicious actually. Except the pot, you can eat the white beans. It’s price level is about 40 TL.

In this location not only Turkish cuisine, you can also find the Chinese, Italian and Indian restaurants as well.

According to us those who come to this point of the article now have an idea about the places to visit in Cappadocia and beauties to see in that location. Now we can talk about how to go to Cappadocia.. :)

How to Go to Cappadocia?

There are two different options in for Cappadocia and Kayseri airport for you. Cappadocia airport is very near to location but you can also choose the Kayseri airport due to its near location.

Because of this region is very popular, this is reflected to the flight prices as well. However you should again follow the campaign periods for cheap flights. If you think to rent a car, our recommendation for this is to plan this action before the time. There are offices of the rent a car companies like Avis and Sixt at the airport and you are able to get your car from the car parking near there. If you say I will not rent a car, by using the shuttle service of the Ipek Tour you can go to Goreme with a 25 TL payment per person. When compared to taxi, this cost is really affordable.

You can be sure that an amazing and beautiful Cappadocia holiday awaits you. Have fun already now!


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