Marmaris, such a beautiful holiday place of the Turkey, it appeals to both young, old people and family. If you want you can stay at the Icmeler location with your family. Or if you say “I am young and I want adrenaline, come here and hang out at center of province. :)

>> When to Go to Marmaris?
>> How to Go to Marmaris?
>> Food & Beverage
>> Night Life in Marmaris
>> Places to Walk Around the Marmaris
>> Marmaris Beaches
>> Where to Stay in Marmaris?

When to Go to Marmaris?

Marmaris, as a region that located in the Mediterranean climate, is hot and arid in summers but warm and rainy in winters. If you want to go without too much hot and moisture, end of April-head of May will be available for you. In July and August months, temperature hits peak. You can never stay under the sun. You should definitely take along your hat and 50 factor sun cream. Ultimately, no one does not want to suffer night and spoil the holiday. :)

How to Go to Marmaris?

Distance of the Marmaris and Dalaman Havalimanı each other is 88 km., so you can use the in-city transportation services at airport (Havaş service vehicles). You will reach to the center in a 1,5 hour.

If you think “We came to Turkey, so we should firstly see the Istanbul city” the distance between the Istanbul and Marmaris is 750 km. For example, we had gone to the Marmaris from Istanbul in 8 hours, so you can also go to Marmaris by renting a car, but driving will be not easy on this journey. Car travel is an amazing thing but you need to be careful while taking the bends on the road to Mugla city, mountain road bends. If you choose the international bus, by adding the meal breaks, you can reach to Marmaris at 11-12 hours.

Food & Beverage

Marmaris has so much alternatives about the food and beverage. You can eat here what you desire from Turkish and world cuisines. Almost everywhere you can see the restaurants and cafes, especially at the seabord, we can say that so much restaurants await you.

Night Life in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most attractive touristic places of the Aegean Region. When you look at the Google Search program statistics for the most wanted words, you will see that Marmaris word is searched more than Russia with 15.000 times. So nothing is coincidence.

By the way, Marmaris is a region that day-night full of action. This region also has a great maria, that’s why so much tourists come to this place.

Marmaris, not only has night clubs, but also has beautiful restaurants and pubs. You can find different entertainment possibilities here, what you desire. Pubs street location is really crowded. On this street, there are some night clubs also. The most popular night club here is, no doubt, Club Areena. Areena is one of the most full of actions clubs of the location and plays upbeat musics. Additionally, this club has amazing dancers to rouse the environment.

We had decided to sit in a pub and take some shots.

marmaris alkol barlar sokağı

Places to Walk Around the Marmaris

Marmaris is not like for holiday, at the same time, has some historical beauties. I have listed below the historical places for you to travel:

  • Grand Bazaar: By the way, if you want to touch the history of Marmaris, you can make a shopping from the Historical Bedesten shop that located inside the Marmaris center bazaar.
  • Marmaris Castle: Here is a worth-seeing place of this province. It is believed it is made B.C 1000’s. During The World War I, it was exposed to the French navy’s balls and was damaged. After 1990, it was restored and turned into a museum.
  • Marmaris Museum: The Museum of Marmaris that located in the Marmaris Castle, was opened for visit with the restoration in 1990’s. In the museum, items belonging to the Hellenistic and Roman period as well as items belonging to the Ottoman period are exhibited together.

An important note: Mondays the museum is closed. On the other days, it is open for visit between the 08.30-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 hours.

Marmaris Beaches

You can find nice bays in Marmaris very close by, or you can catch the chance of swimming in more hidden bays by joining the boat tours that take place in the harbor.

marmaris sedir arası

  • Icmeler Beach: You can go to the Icmeler Beach that located a distance of 8 km with minibuses. This beach is longer and less crowded when compared to center region.
  • Turunc Public Beach: If you join to boat trip, you will also visit here, as well. It has a 21 km distance from Marmaris. It is a blue flagged beach so it is much sought after. If you are interested in underwater, this beach will be available for you.
  • Amos Ancient Ciy: By the way you come to Turunc, must visit here definitely. I advice you to see the historical heritage that you can reach here in 1 hour by walking.
  • Cleopatra Island-Sedir Island: This island is very famous with its sand beach and clear sea. Generally, the boat trips visit here and this place is located in the 16 km. North of the Marmaris.
  • Bordubet Bay: This region is slightly more untouched when compared to other areas, but it has a natural beauty. With a wide variety of plants and animals, there is a channel from the sea to the forest. The mansion is located on the Reşadiye Peninsula.
  • Baca Cave: I have read as a region to be visited for tourists who are interested in diving. I’m not gone, but if you’re interested and a professional diver, you will never miss this opportunity.:)

marmaris sedir tur
In Marmaris you can also go to the hut-like areas at the head of the beach and get information about water sports and join these sports from the pier that located in front of hut. Here, there are some nice alternatives like jet, ski, banana, hamburger and parasailing. We had done parasailing and had paid 100 TL per person. You can reach the sea with 10 or 15 people as a group with speed boats and take off in order. And don’t go back until everyone takes a stroll. Therefore, it may take a long time, so you do not forget to take along your hat. I think the parasailing was very pleasurable, at 30 meters altitude, the Marmaris was under our feet. If you’re scared, don’t look down, enjoy the moment. :)
kleopatra sedir marmaris

Where to Stay in Marmaris?

We had answered the question of “Where to stay in Marmaris?” like this: Do you want to spend time in the hotel, do you want to join the tours? If you say: “I will join the tours and have fun and the pool is not for me”, you can stay at the 3-4 floored hotels that located in the center of Marmaris. We had stayed here. The other hotels that I can suggest are the hotels that located in the Marmaris: Aegean Park Hotel or Hotel Kervansaray Marmaris.

If we think the Marmaris with its tours, places to walk around and beaches, a holiday for 7 days will be the ideal one. Hope you have a great holiday! :)


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