Davraz ski resort maybe not the best ski center of the Turkey but it is a favorite ski place thanks to its snow quality and highness. Facility is not very big but it has a limited number of transport systems. However, again, it is still a very joyous holiday center.

The biggest drawback to the Davraz ski resort is the lack of entertainment places. If you have already read our other articles, you know that we do not have such expectations. If you want some entertainment as well still, our advice for this is Kartalkaya. If you say “ski is actually excuse and my priority is entertainment”, we will say: go to Uludag. By the way you go, you can eat the famous food of Turkey “İskender” instead of us.

Davraz Ski-runs

Here the ski-runs consist from two stages. You can reach to first stage by chairlift from the area where the hotels are located. This section includes challenging tracks as well as beginners. After getting off from the chairlift, by using these tracks, you can reach to hotels zone or by getting a different charlift you can go to the second stage. When you enter the second stage, wheather will be little bit colder because highness will be change now. You will get rid of the pedestrian crowd and you will see wide tracks. The tracks of Davraz ski resort is really nice, additionally it has a great advantage because this area is not a wooded and rocky area. Even off the track, you can find plenty of snow here to do skiing.So you can think everywhere is track here. In the second stage, there are two different transport systems as chairlift and teleski.Thanks to the cafe, that located under the teleski track, you can spend your whole day in the second stage.

Davraz Pistleri
If you say second stage is not enough for me, we can take you to the Buble Track. From the second stage you can go to the top by chairlift but can you get down, it is depend on you. Most of those who climb to the top for the first time come down with a chairlift, not by skiing. If you feel confident and like to do skiing in plenty of snow, Bubble track is unbelievably joyous. You can go down from summit from where you want. Here, everywhere is ski-run.

Davraz Ski-Pass Prices

Ski-pass prices are very reasonable because it is runned by private administration. In many other ski resorts only a daily ski-pass is sold. However, Davraz ski resort offers alternatives such as 2, 3, 4 days or seasonal. In addition, as the number of days increases, prices fall.

Food&Beverage Possibilities of the Davraz Ski Resort

As in every single ski resort, there are cafes in certain parts of the tracks and numbers of cafes are enough. Unlike other ski resorts, the prices are very affordable. We aer eating sausage or meatball-bread and that’s enough for us. Do not expect much entertainment in the cafes here, so just eat your food and drink tea.

Davraz Pistleri

Davraz Hotels

Davraz ski resort hotels are generally high priced, however it is not difficult to go and back here from the city center. There is not much snow on the road for putting chains on the tires and you can reach the ski resort only in 30 minutes. We can also say that there is no chance of booking early. Because Davraz is squirrelly and there are times when even skiing is not possible in February here. You will pay a good money here and you don’t want to go back without skiing. There are many hotel alternatives in the center of Isparta. Whether you stay in 5 stars hotel or 3 stars hotel, choice is yours. Prices are much more affordable than the ski resort. And when you stay in the center, you do not depend on the hotel for food and beverage. There are all kinds of restaurants in the center. By the way, you should also see the Isparta city. Usually there is no shortage of place to stay in hotels, but as you know, there are military zone and military schools in Isparta. So in some periods hotels may be completely full. For example: If you come here in a time when the oath-taking ceremony is realised, it will be difficult for you. So we can say that there’s no harm in doing reservation for hotel before going there. In the worst case, if you call a day in advance to make sure you will be on the safe side.

Hotels at Davraz Ski Resort

  • Sirene Davras Hotel

    It is located in the ski resort and you can reach to tracks directly. Its view is pretty nice however the prices are little bit high.

  • Isperia Davraz Hotel

    Here is also located in the ski resort. We did not stay here ever but we did not good things about this hotel from those who stayed here.

  • Davka Dağ Evleri

    This hotel is not in the ski resort but it is not also in the center. This is a boutique hotel where on the road of ski resort, we stayed here one night. I do not think that I can offer here for you. Both we could not feel comfortable and we went to ski resort with car. After a 15 minutes car driving is not so much important but in city center at least there are possibilities to find various of restaurants and many alternatives.

Hotels in the Ispart City Center

  • Hotel Bolat

    Actually, the hotel was nice, rooms and bathroom was enough, also breakfast was good. However, the next room had been renovated until midnight and despite the numerous calls to reception, the problem was not solved. We also went downstairs twice and told the reception desk about this bad situation, but result did not change unfortunately. The sound of the drill lasted for hours, even though they say “it is okay, we will stop it now” at every time. We find it useful to warn you about this hotel because we had a SMALL problem like not being able to sleep in anger and high tension all night.

  • Hotel Koç

    This is a three star hotel and we were very pleased. The open buffet breakfast was satisfactory, rooms were clear and big enough. On the last day we emptied our room in the morning and left the belongings in the hotel and went to the ski resort. We came back in the evening and changed our clothes at the hotel and they didn’t mind. This place is right next to Hotel Bolat I mentioned above and my advice is definitely would be here for you. Both newer and very good about staff. Hotel Bolat is a bit more family-business but Hotel Koç is a professionally business. I can effortlessly recommend this hotel because the prices was the same both of them.

When to Go Davraz?

It would not be right to give a definite answer here about that. Because sometimes the thickness of the snow in the skiing period may not be enough. While it can be very nice in April, there are times when skiing is not possible in February month. It would be best to keep following the status of snow and weather before you go there. If you still can’t decide, you can also ask us in the comments section. We already follow all ski resorts throughout the season, so we can help you as much as we can.

How to Go Davraz?

Between Isparta Davraz Ski Center and Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport in Isparta is approximately 50 km. There are not frequent flights and there are not many company options. However, the best choice for transportation is to come to Isparta by airline. Antalya is the closest airport in the surrounding provinces but it is difficult to prefer it because of its distance of 125 km to Davraz ski resort.

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