Kartepe is not just a ski resort, this consideration would not be fair actually. It is also very close to Istanbul city and a common place for foreigner tourists with its nature. In our this article, you can find the place to see and some activities and attractions in Kartepe location.

>> Places to Visit in Kartepe
>> What to Eat in Kartepe?
>> Kartepe Hotels
>> What to do in Kartepe?
>> When to Go to Kartepe?
>> Where is Kartepe?
>> How to Go to Kartepe?

Places to Visit in Kartepe

Maşukiye (Mashukiye)

Maşukiye, which is beautiful in 4 seasons, is located on the outskirts of Kartepe and on the shores of Lake Sapanca. It is really an amazing place with its peaceful forests, stream and falls. Additionally, you can taste the fresh trout cooked over the tiles in the restaurants which are nested with nature.

Kuzu Yaylası (Lamb Plateau)

The most ideal place for camping in Kartepe is “Kuzu Yaylası” National Park. Admission is chargeable, but as in some national parks, you are not charged for each night of your stay. You pay only for the first entry. There is also a facility for toilet and food needs inside. You can prefer this place for long forest walks outside the camp. If you like to walk, you can reach Kartepe Summit in about 2 hours walk. It doesn’t matter whether you come to camp or walk. The best months for Kuzu Yaylası are between May and September. When you come here, according to seasonal conditions, do not forget to bring a little thicker clothes. There is a serious temperature difference between the center and Kuzu Yaylası.

Kartepe Summit

You can reach here by walking from the Lamp Plateau but also you can reach to summit from Kartepe Ski Resort as well. In order to do this, you will come to The Green Park Kartepe and will buy ticket for chair lift. Thanks to this chair lift, you can reach to summit by sitting on your seat. By the way, Ski Resort is open along 12 months of the year, not only in winter.

Kartepe Telesiyej

Aygır Deresi (Aygir Stream)

Aygır Deresi which flows into Sapanca Lake starts from the summit of Kartepe. The most popular point on Aygir Deresi is the Maşukiye Falls.

What to Eat in Kartepe?

Kartepe has many alternatives for both breakfast and meals. Trout restaurants in Maşukiye also offer a mixed breakfast in the morning. Here you can have breakfast or eat trout. If you did not like the restaurants in Maşukiye, when you go further towards Kartepe, you will see many restaurants almost every step. There is also a mixed breakfast options in these restaurants. There are also several alternatives to eat here. The biggest feature of these restaurants is that they have great views. If you intend to be surrounded by nature and want to have a view of Mashukiye, you can prefer restaurants on Kartepe road. The common feature of all restaurants is that their prices are a bit expensive.

Maşukiye Kahvaltı

Kartepe Hotels

The only hotel in the Kartepe Ski Resort is The Green Park Kartepe and it has high prices. However, there are several hotels and hostels at affordable prices in Mashukiye and between the ski resort and Mashukiye location. If you don’t have a skiing idea, there is no point in staying in the ski resort, it is better to choose other hotels. If you want a hotel proposal where you can be surrounded by nature, you can try Kartepe Villa.

What to do in Kartepe?

Skiing, Snowboarding and Sledding

Even if you haven’t skied or snowboarded before, you might want to try it by the way. There are places where you can rent materials both on the road to the ski resort and in the area where the ski resort is located. If you say I don’t take risks, you can at least enjoy the snow with a sled.

Atv Tour

There are Atv tours that begin from Maşukiye but also there are some interesting tours that Green Park Hotel organizes, by the way the hotel tours are little bit expensive of course. When you look generally, you should not be expectant from these tours. Especially, if you will go on the tourism season, you may not enjoy these tours because of the extreme crowd.

ATV Turu


If you go there in the snowy season, you can walk around by renting a snowmobile at the ski resort.


There is no zipline in the ski season however if you go there in summer season, you will see it front on the hotel. You can try it, it is not too short.



Every single place full of beauty and forest. You can enjoy this beauty by walking abundantly. If you come in winter, you can walk in the snow. If you come in summer or spring, we recommend you to do walking in the plateau.


You can find a suitable place on the road to Kartepe and have a picnic against the view of Sapanca Lake and take a fresh air.

When to Go to Kartepe?

When you come here, by the way if you want to see the snow, it will be good for you to come here between the January (beginning of January) and middle of March month. If you do not die for seeing snow, Kartepe is always attracted and dynamic along the 12 months of year. It does not matter which month you come here, if possible, come here weekdays. Because in weekend, here is unbelievably crowded.

Where is Kartepe?

The Kartepe that located within the borders of Kocaeli province is located between the Sakarya and gulf of Izmit. The distance between the Istanbul and Kartepe Ski Resort is 140 km and from the Izmit city centre, the distance is 30 km.

How to Go to Kartepe?

Transfer services are available to Kartepe from Sabiha Gökcen International Airport in one and a half hours and from Istanbul Airport in about two and a half hours. You can reach Kartepe by using this service or by renting a car.

If you prefer a bus rather than a car, you will first come by bus to the Izmit bus terminal. Then you will come to Mashukiye with Mashukiye minibuses departing from here. This location is the beginning of the road leading to Kartepe summit. This is the last point you can reach by public transport. You have to take a taxi from here to reach the summit.

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