Urgup is the biggest living place of the Cappadocia. It is very interesting that there is not any fairy chimneys at its center.

During its historical period, it was always one of the most important points. It was over the Silkroad and bear witness to the Byzantine, Rome and Seljuk periods as well.

When we say Cappadocia, the first thing come to mid is carved rocks and stone house mansions. Here this architecture can be seen at the center of Urgup pretty much. You can do walkings at the street of Urgup to review the mansions. By the way, due to it is a good place for night entertainments, there is also pretty crowded always.

Now we can take a look at the places to visit in Urgup:

Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar Castle is the biggest fairy chimney of the region. This place is carved to rocks because of to be protected and stay here in the war period. In this castle, first living settlement had started and withing the time, houses were builded from the castle to down.

This castle is 1.200 meter altitude and 86 meter height. You will see carved and linked tunnels with each other, rooms and hallways inside the castle. From the top point of this castle, the Urgup, Avanos, and Goreme regions can be seen as bird’s-eye-view.

Ortahisar Kalesi Kapadokya

In order to enter in the Ortahisar Castle, if you are student 4TL, if not and you need to get full fare, you need to pay 8 TL. Museum cards are not valid here.

Mustafapasa Town (Sinasos)

Here is very cute Greek village that is able to stay still as a village. In ancient period, its name was Sinasos. It is located only at a 6 km distance to Urgup. If you want you can go down to village and walk around or if you want you can pass from its tight streets with your car, both ways you will again feel the village soul.

At the Mustafapasa Village you can see the Sakirpasa Madrasah which is one of the Ottoman artifacts. If you have more time, you can also see the Saint Nicholas Monastery and Constantine Helena Church.

Sinasos Köyü Kapadokya

Gomeda Valley

There is not any way to enter in the Gomeda Valley. There is not any vacility as well here. Completely natural and you should reach there with your own possibilities. It also seems like Ihlara Valley with its structure. It is also knows as Bey Deresi Valley.

When you came to the valley, you will hear the water voice. When you follow this water voice and go ahead, you will see churches at the sides of valley, monasteries and many pigeon houses. Inside the valley, there are some dark tunnels and caves as well in some points. However, due to this is not controlled ever, we do not know what you will see inside here. Our recommendation for you to be please be very careful.

Withour entering the valley, at the right side, you will see the Alakara Church with its apsed structure. The church had been survive for thousands of years however unfortunately our senseless people had written their names to this places. You can see the frescos as well at some points here.

Gomeda Vadisi Kapadokya

Red Valley (Kizilcukur Valley)

This valley has such a beauty and endless soul, you will feel like you are afar from the earth and alone in a place with nature. To specify your preferences and ways is completely on your hands. Kizilcukur Valley promise you a historical journey but never break you off from the nature. It has red tuff rocks that inebriate you while sunset. In order to watch the sunset of the Cappadocia, one of the best points is definitely here. Rumour has it, with the sunset lights these rocks get a unique red view, but we could not see this view because when we went there, even time was end of the April, snow were flaking here interestingly and we could not see the sunset ever, anyways not important. It was still unbelievable! :)

You can do entrance to Kizilcukur Valley whether from the Cavusin side or Urgup side. When we did entrance from the Urgup side with car, for 2 persons we pay 10 TL. If you want to realise this request with Panoramic View, without entering the valley ever, you can take bird’s-eye-view photo shootings with general points or, like us, you can dive into valley and you can walk until to Three Crosses Church.

Üç Haçlı Kilise Kapadokya
Especially for those who like to do walking and doing trekking this place has an ideal hardship level. Without entrance, we recommend you get water and wear available shoes for walking. If you want to walk around the Kizilcukur with every details, you should at least save 5-6 hours for this place. Inside your followed pathway, by digressing the right and left ways, you should definitely see the other secret churches and fairy chimneys. Kizilcukur Valley’s walking track lengths listed below:

  • Kizilcukur 1315 meter
  • Cavusin 4164 meter
  • Gulludere I 3283 meter
  • Gulludere II 2296 meter

Inside the Kizilcukur Valley, you will see some pathways that road to Gulludere. There are stone signboards at the forks in road, by following these you can walk around the valley. Additionally, there are arrow marks of churches at some points. However without coming to valley, we recommend you to take a look at the churches on the map on your phone, then you can walk around securely. Because there is a possibility that you may not see any signboard at the fork of roads and you may be doubtful. Cell phones as well can’t get a good reception down here. Therefore, in order not to have difficulty, it is had better to be prepared for every single circumstances.

Just in front of the Crossed Church, there is a cafe that prepare fresh fruit juice inside the valley at almost a middle point between the Cavusin and Urgup. You can rest here.
The churches that you should see at the Kizilcukur, in turn; Uzumlu Church, Direkli Church, Crossed Church, Anna Johachim Church, Three Crosses Church. From these churces, Uzumlu Church is located inside the Kizilcukur Valley but the other churches are located within the Gulludere walking routes.

Three Beauties (Three Graces)

Undoubtedly that, one of the most known and popular points of the Cappadocia is Three Beauties. This fair chimneys that look like an elementary family that occures from a father, mother and child, of course has some legends as well. Rumor has it, and with my readings, once upon a time, the daughter of the king of the Cappadocia fell in love a shepherd. And even though the king does not want the shepherd, the princess run away with the shepherd and they got married secretly. Time passes and they have a child. The couple think that when the king see their kid he will soften and forgive them. However the king has such a great hate and anger that directly sends the soldier down while the couple go into the castle. Princess knows that when at the moment of they get arrested, they will directly be killed and pray to God like this: “My Lord, show us a miracle with your greatness and save us from this torture!” The God, at just that moment, agree the pray of princess and turn all of the family into stones. According to this legend, frontmost is shepherd, the middle is kid and the hindmost represents the body of the princess that was turned into a stone.

Üç Güzeller Kapadokya

Due to it is under the protection, the inner side of the Three Beauties (The Graces) fairy chimneys are closed. You can watch them for free from the view hill that is located just over the location.

Turasan Vinification

If you even do not have any idea about buying wine, you should come here definitely. Whether you join to wine tasting tour or taste 3 mini cup Turasan wine from the section that located at the entrance. It is your choice, you do not have to buy and nobody force you for this :) This wine is completely produced as local and domestic, produced by them. You can visit the sales office and factory of this wine. The wine prices start from 40 TL and rise up. :) It appeals to taste buds for everyone.

Turasan Şarapçılık Kapadokya

Wish Hill (Temenni Tepesi)

Wish Hill is one of the panoramic points that located at the center of Urgup and has a 80 meter height. You can see the Wish Hill from every single point of Urgup. This hill had got its name from the Kilicaslan tomb due to wish and tie cloth here. You can complete your tour within half an hour. There is no entrance into the tomb.

There is also a tea garden above. If you want, you can have a break here.

Temenni Tepesi Kapadokya

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