Goreme is surrounded by valleys and fairy chimneys. It is so beautiful and so natural that it can make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale or another world. If the weather is clear early in the morning, you will see a lot of balloons in the sky. At sunset, you set the sun in the fairy chimneys that look like red. I’m sure you’ll find something to love this land.

We stayed in Goreme during our Cappadocia holiday. I can easily recommend the Goreme Inn, which is the hotel we stayed at. Both the hotel’s architecture, furnishings, cleanliness, and the attention of the staff, pleasant conversation and friendlyness will please you. Honestly, we did a part of our tour program with the guidance of the hotel staff.

Okay then! Let’s start to discover the Goreme now!

The Valley of Love

With the well known name Love of Valley is also knows as Valley of Lovers or Baglidere Valley. It is located inside the Goreme town borders and its length is approximately 4900 meters. It is a pretty convenient valley for walkings. However the best thing you can do in this valley is to watch the sunrise and the departure of the balloons.

The entrance to the valley is not very convenient for vehicles. Signs also said that the entrance to the motor vehicle is prohibited. If you want, you can go to the point where you can see the panoramic view of Love Valley by not turning the left and going straight ahead. Here you can take your car aside and take a bird’s eye view of the valley. Entry to the valley is free.

If you decide to go for a walk, we can say that a 3-hour walk awaits you. Those who will participate in the balloon tour can come to this area by off-road vehicles. If you want, you can also explore the valley after the balloon tour. ATV tours also come up to the panoramic point.

Aşk Vadisi Kapadokya

Hill of Lovers

It is a wonderful point where you can see the whole Goreme and the valley under your feet by going up the side road of the mosque in the center of Goreme. It is quite crowded within the day. If you want, you can have breakfast and relax in the cafe that located at the hill.

This is one of the great points that you can also watch the sun rise.

Aşıklar Tepesi Kapadokya

Goreme Outdoor Museum

This place is located in a 2 km east of Goreme. You can enter this old settlement, Goreme Outdoor Museum, by paying 45 TL ticket fee. It is worth mentioning that the museum card can also be used here. It is open from 08:00 to 17:00 during the winter period (November – March). During the summer season (April – October), it serves its visitors from 08:00 to 19:00.

It is clearly seen that there was an intense monastic life from the ad. 4th to the 13th century. There are many interconnected churches, chapels, dining halls and seating areas. The Goreme Outdoor Museum includes some churches like the Monastery of Girls and Boys, the Snaky Church, the Church of St. Basil, the Church of St. Barbara, the Elmalı Church, the Dark Church, the Çarıklı Church and Tokalı Church.

Göreme Açık Hava Müzesi Kapadokya

The most depicted scenes in Goreme Churches are shown just at the entrance of the museum. The Apologetic for the Sinners, Escape to Egypt and Last Supper can be mentioned as examples.

When you have drawn a proper route inside, you will first see the St. Basil’s Chapel. And then; the Elmalı Church, Saint Barbara Chapel, Snaky Church and Dark Church will be seen. Luckily, the Dark Church and Carikli Church were closed that day and we couldn’t visit them. Nevertheless, there are boards outside where you can get some information.

At the same time, after you leave the Goreme Outdoor Museum, you will see the Aynalı Church on your way to Goreme. There’s a sign on the way. If you are driving car, do not go down where you see the sign. You can drive to the near of church. The reason that the church is called Mirrored Church is that the shapes on the walls are exactly symmetrical. Although this church is independent from Goreme Outdoor Museum, you can walk around of the church by paying 5 TL entrance fee. They give you a hand lamp at the entrance of museum because there are passages between the rooms and floors, both narrow and not too short. Unfortunately, this church is one of the churches that destroyed by unconscious people.

Gulludere Valley

Gulludere Valley, which is located right across Kizilcukur Valley, is one of the frequent destinations of ATV and horse-drawn safari tours. The color of the rocks changes with the reflection of daylight and is also one of the ideal points to watch the sunset. It is located between the Cavusin and Goreme.

This valley is an ideal trekking point that spread over an area of approximately 4 km. You can see many hollow residential areas throughout your walk.

Within this valley, there are the Church of the Three Crosses, the Ayvalı Church, the Anna Johachim Church, the Crosses Church, and the Direkli Church. When you start walking in the Gulludere Valley, you will first see the Church of the Three Crosses. Then come to the Crosses Church and you can have a break here. It has a cafe in front of it that makes fresh juices. And then when you go ahead, you will see the Anna Johachim and Direkli Churches, that most people pass directly, in a little further down side of the path. Sounds like you’re stretching your way. However, most tours or even salary earner guides may not take you here. So that’s why the reason, it’s important that you should do your research before you go there.

Well, if you ask “Is it easy to reach to these churches? Does trekking tire me?” Our answer would be “Yes!”. The path in the valley has a climbing surface. In addition, this path should naturally go downhill and has a very narrow shape. If you want to see the different churches here, you should definitely wear your clothes and have water with you. We even had tea in the thermos next to us. When it comes to churches, you’ll have to climb as you climb a mountain, especially on the way to the Church of the Three Crosses. This church, which will fascinate you and even shake you when you enter it, was unfortunately left to itself alone. He wasn’t protected in any way. Make sure you have nothing at your hands while you try to climb the Church of the Three Crosses. Don’t say “I’ll handle it.”, you will probably drop what you have in your hand. If you say trekking is not for me, you can drive by Cavusin to see the Church of the Three Crosses. If you come from Goreme, you can see the valley in a panoramic way. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to you walking in the valley and seeing the churches that most people have never seen.

Güllüdere Vadisi Kapadokya

Access to all churches except the Church of the Three Crosses is relatively easy. Of course, I keep the difficulties of walking in aside. But make sure that, you will have a journey that will worth all that walking fatigue.

As you will sightseeing, every single point of Goreme awaits for you to be discovered. If you are looking for a holiday that is full of attraction and a little tiring however very didactic, the Cappadocia is ideal for you.

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