Are you looking for peace or quiet? You can find everything you are looking for on the pristine beaches of Seychelles. The island is so calm in general that they are progressing slowly even when going on the road. The island people are generally not in a hurry. :) Seychelles beaches are famous for their white sands and clear and clear water where you can see every shade of blue. I will share with you the beautiful beaches and photos of Praslin, La Digue and Mahe respectively. Before I go into the details, I can say that before going to Seychelles, take your sneakers and snorkel with you. Be sure you will need it when swimming with fish in shallow water. Let’s come to the details.

>> Praslin Beaches
>> La Digue Beaches
>> Mahe Beaches

Praslin Beaches

Praslin adasının en meşhur ve dünyaca da bilinen plajı Anse Lazio elbette. Ama tek güzel plajı burası mı başka yok mu derseniz elbette ki geniş kumsalı, su sporu aktiviteleriyle de Cote d’or plajını da öneririz.

Anse Lazio, the most famous and world-renowned beach on the island of Praslin. But if you ask if this is the only beautiful beach? Of course, we also recommend Cote d’or beach with its wide plage and water sports activities.

seyşeller praslin plaj

Anse Lazio: This beach in Praslin has been chosen as one of the best beaches in the world. At the first time you come here, you will immediately understand why, especially in the morning. Consider a soft white sand and waves that are not too high are hitting the beach. Granite stones and a turquoise water embrace you in the sea, adding magic to the magic of the beach. You can easily reach the beach by car, there is also a parking lot. If you want to come by bus, you need to get off and walk after Anse Boudin’s last stop, which is about 2 km away. Anse Lazio, which is the most beautiful beach of Praslin you should definitely see, also has hidden bays. When you dive into the forest from the beach and walk a little or go over the stones, you will see that there are small bays.

seyşeller plajları anse lazio

Anse Boudin: This beach, which you will pass in front of Cote d’or from Anse Lazio, is not very suitable for swimming, it is very wavy and the water is blurred due to its location. We just took a few pictures while driving.

Anse Takamaka: This beach, which you pass on the upper road from Cote d’or to Anse Lazio, is just below the Raffles Hotel. Apart from hotel customers, this beach, which can also be used by outsiders, is not mossy and cloudy according to Anse Lazio, so we did not swim. But you can go to take beautiful pictures on the calm beach. Do not miss it when you find a palm that lies on its side. :)

praslin seyşeller raffles

anse takamaka plaj seyşeller

plaj raffles otel

Cote d’or: One of the largest and longest beaches on the island. It is also suitable for swimming since it is not very wavy. You can participate in water sports at Cote d’or or enjoy this peace under one of the trees. There are many take-away and restaurants around the beach, as well as markets. If you want, you can shop and cook your own food.

cote d'or praslin seychelles

plage praslin seychelles

Anse Georgette ve Anse Kerlan: Unfortunately, these beaches are surrounded only by hotels. To reach Anse Georgette, you need to book a beach at Constance Lemuria . They give it to the earliest 1 week later; In other words, it was a pretext for not to take anyone from the outside. Even when we wanted to go for lunch, not the beach, we could not get inside. Our most important note is that they want you to make the reservation from where you left off. In other words, by someone who speaks the language of Creole. At the same time, Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are two interconnected ends of the island, and there is a pathway in between. If you want to come by car, you have to travel around the bottom of the island. But when you look at the photos, you will see that there is no more beautiful beach in Praslin than Anse Lazio. :)

La Digue Beaches

Despite being a very small island, La Digue has really tiring paths to explore, and beaches that go down the mountain roads. Compared to Praslin or Mahe, the sea is quite rocky and undesirably undulating. In La Digue, you should never get into the water without wearing sea shoes. But one of the most beautiful things is that; no matter how shallow the water is, it has a sea where you can see a lot of colorful and big fish. It is not possible to finish all the beaches you need to go on the island of La Digue in 1 day. If you spend 3 days on the island, you can easily tour all the beaches or even around the island.

Anse Severe: It is very easy to reach, a beautiful bay with very dense shallow waters with fruit bars around, where you can reach from the pier for about 5-10 minutes by bicycle. When we left, water started to withdraw. We were walking in waters that did not even reach our knee, almost 50 meters from the shore. :) You will see big turtles on the way to Anse Severe. They are very friendly, they got used to people. You can stop and feed the turtles while passing by. :) By the way, do not return without drinking from freshly squeezed juices. You can get a large glass of juice for 2 people for 100 SCR. If you want to pay for the fee, they also add Takamaka rum. We brought our vodka, which we bought from duty free, and made our own cocktail. :)

giant turtoise seychelles la digue

Grand Anse: You arrive at Grand Anse after a half-hour long climb up and down journey from Jetty. On your way to Grand Anse, you can get through the island’s inner streets and get to know La Digue a little more closely. Grand Anse is quite dangerous to swim due to waves and currents from May to October. Waves that exceed the length of people and times hitting the beach. You can take photos on this windy beach and continue to other beaches. If you want to continue to other beaches after Grand Anse, you will have to leave your bike here. Because the next roads are completely pathways. :) Also showed other map applications as not suitable for coming here by bike, but the road was very convenient and wide.

grand anse la digue

Petit Anse: After seeing Grand Anse, a serious difficult course awaits you. Imagine you are climbing and descending mountain, there is no proper way. Sometimes you pass over the stones and sometimes through the grass. If you set out on this path, we recommend you to go out with comfortable shoes and clothes and protect with fly repellent sprays. Of course, it is also useful to be prepared for the sudden rain. Petit Anse was a little more convenient for swimming. It has a large beach and a small fruit bar. However, since we learned that Anse Coco is more beautiful, we set off towards the Anse Coco track without wasting time here.

petit anse la digue seychelles

Anse Coco: This was a journey of about 30 minutes on the cliffs. However, Anse Coco fascinated us with its untouched beach, natural beauty, colorful fishes and waves in the sea. A very beautiful bay to take beautiful pictures from each other. When you come to rest and swim, it is useful to come with your food and spare water. Because there is nowhere to take. :) The phone does not take much.

anse coco seyşeller

anse coco seyşeller

Anse Patate: It is a very small beach between the rocks. It is very close to the center of La Digue island and very easy to reach by bike. We had planned to snorkel on the cliffs but nothing was seen because it was very wavy. The best thing to do here is to enjoy the view.

anse patate plaj la digue seyşeller
anse patate plaj la digue seyşeller

Anse Banane: It is not suitable for swimming because it is very rocky and wavy, there is a place named Chez Jules right next to the road. You can sit here and have a drink against the view.

anse banane dev kaplumbağa seyşeller la digue

Anse Source D’argent: The beach in L’Union Estate park is very crowded because it is close to the center of La Digue. There are 3-4 small beaches between the rocks and the view is really great. However, it is not a place to spend a day here and swim.

anse source d'argent seyşeller


Mahe Plajları

When we came to the island of Mahe, after seeing the beach of Anse Lazio, we were a little bit biased about the sea. We thought we would take a general city tour. Until Fatih discovered Beau Vallon and Port Launay. Let’s go to Mahe’s 2 most beautiful beaches.

Beau Vallon: One of the most popular beaches on the Mahe Island. It is very easy to reach. If you want to come by bus, the ticket costs 7 SCR. You can also get on and off the bus right in front of the beach. There are also restaurants and markets around. If you need anything, they are within easy reach. If you want to swim and water sports at the same time, this place is for you. You can find all kinds of water activities. In addition, the beach is so wide and long that you can enjoy this beautiful environment comfortably without being intertwined, you can sleep in the shade of the tree that we have done a lot. :) At the same time, fishermen pour the nets they throw on the beach and people can come and get fish directly over the sand. If we were staying in a pension there, we would definitely not miss these fish. There are also diving schools in this area. If you are looking for such an activity, Beau Vallon may be the place for you.

beau vallon plajı mahe seyşeller

beau vallon plajı mahe seyşeller

Port Launay: All its magic, ambush and clouds are waiting for you, hiding behind the mountains. It is possible to enter this beautiful beach right in front of Constance Ephelia Resort . You can still come very close by bus. It has a long and wide beach, but the tree bottoms are unfortunately filled by the hotel’s sun loungers. Therefore, if you come knowing that you are unlikely to find a shadow, you will be fine. This is one of the most beautiful beaches to snorkel. After walking about 3 meters in the sea, the rocks begin and the water does not deepen. As such, you can also discover fish by walking in the sea. In some moments, you can even stay in the school of fish. I have seen fish of different breeds, and I am afraid. :) The sea is also very convenient for swimming as it is not wavy. Here’s a short video:

port launay plajı mahe seyşeller

Port Launay

port launay plajı mahe seyşeller

Port Launay

Apart from these 2 beautiful beaches, we also went to Anse Soleil, Anse Takamaka and Anse Royale beaches. However, we do not know if it is from the season, it was not possible to enter the sea. The waves were too big to swim, and the sea was quite blurred. But as I said, when you go to these two beaches, your eyes will not be seen anywhere else. Trust us. :)

anse lazio praslin

Praslin Anse Lazio

plaj seyşeller praslin

Praslin Anse Lazio

beau vallon plajı mahe seyşeller

Beau Vallon

anse royale mahe seyşeller

Anse Royale

port launay plajı mahe seyşeller

Port Launay

anse source d'argent seyşeller

Anse Source D’argent

anse lazio

Anse Lazio

phoenix praslin seychelles

Cote D’or Praslin


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