There are 3 types of people commenting on Cuba; The first group thinks, “Cuba is governed by a dictatorship and we don’t know what is happening because it is a closed country.” The second group thinks, “There is equality in Cuba, and the Cubans live a perfect life.” The last one is trying to look at Cuba objectively. We are in the last group, there are 10 people in the world who look at Cuba objectively in this way or something :) or we don’t come across those who think so. We have prepared a list of prohibitions in Cuba without adding too many comments for you, after reading this list you can better understand what kind of country Cuba is.

Kneeling is forbidden

It’s forbidden to kneel in front of someone for whatever reason. It’s forbidden because it means begging.

It’s forbidden to beg for something you deserve

Am I guilty for begging for something I deserve? If that’s the question, it’s not exactly the case. Of course, no one puts you in jail for begging, but the person who prevents you from getting your rights is guilty.

It’s forbidden to sew a statue of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro says that what he does is serve only his people. He says that the statue of the leaders should not be erected and that the statue of the heroes should be erected. Not only that, but in his will “You will not give my name to the square, the street, the mountain, anywhere. You will not erect statues and monuments for me. After his death, this ban was formally enacted.

Devrim Meydanı

Revolution Square

Forbidden to burn flags of countries

We see that the flags are burned in various protests in other countries. But it is forbidden to burn flags in Cuba. For example, if a Cuban citizen burns the US flag, he becomes guilty. The fact that they’re enemies with America doesn’t change anything. The reason for this is the view that the flag represents the people of that country, not the state.

It’s forbidden to rejoice because someone’s dead

It’s forbidden to rejoice even to the death of a bad person. It is thought to be disrespectful to the pain of loved ones.

Ignorance is forbidden

University education in Cuba is compulsory. Beginning from primary school, students are subjected to an education program that suits their abilities and are directed to that profession.

Küba Okul

Lack of solidarity is forbidden

For example, you have to accept someone hitchhiking.

Forbidden to found a political party

The only party in the country is the Communist Party and no other political parties are allowed.

Foreign guests are forbidden

If a foreigner is going to sleep in yourhome, you need a special permit.

Forbidden to sell Lobster and Shrimp

Only the state and foreigners can sell lobsters and shrimps.

Children are not allowed to be expelled from home

The Cuban government attaches great importance to human beings, especially children.

Allowing social class difference is forbidden

Zenginlik bile yasaktır, çünkü sosyal sınıfı farklı kılan en büyük faktördür.

Prohibited to import more than 24 artificial nails

No joke, there is such a ban. The reason for adding this ban to the list is to explain how detailed the Cuban government’s customs laws are. Limits are set for pen-to-pen products.

Malnutrition forbidden

The state already meets basic needs, according to the age of the people. For example, milk given to children, etc. products more than adults.

It is forbidden to ignore health problems

Cuba considers the same thing not only for its own people but for the people of the world. Thousands of Cuban doctors now provide health care in poor countries. Cuba is already among the best countries in the healthcare sector, especially in vaccination.

It is forbidden to take foreigners to a private vehicle

It’s not a direct ban, but if the police think you’re getting money from this person, they can blame you for illegal prosperity.

Investing in medium and large enterprises is forbidden

The biggest trade that can be done as a person in Cuba is self-employment. Restaurant, hairdresser and so on; They can work in places allowed by the Cuban government.

Cultural corruption is strictly forbidden

Başka kültürleri önemsemekten kaçınmaya çalışırlar. Kültürel değişim politik düzende bir değişiklik gerektirebilir.

Unauthorized internal migration to Havana

Any person living in a different city of Cuba cannot move to Havana without special permission.

Forbidden to talk about private lives of past enemies

In fact, if we say gossip is forbidden, they’ve forbidden to gossip even about their enemy.

As you can see, although some of the items in our list of prohibitions in Cuba are very interesting, others show how much importance is given to people.


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